Sample work

The files below are samples of my work as a technical author, these can be split into two categories - files designed for viewing on-line and printable files for viewing offline:
  • A series of User guides and animations about how to use Email and communications at a major manufacturing plc in European and Asian languages.
  • An animated demonstration of how to use a Help documentation database that I implemented.
  • Webhelp deliverable either publicly over the internet or using an internal Intranet server, for example SharePoint.
    (To open the Webhelp, unzip the file preserving the folder structure, then open the file Index.htm)
  • A translated version of the same Webhelp.
Much of my recent work has been 'localized'. This means not just translating the content but also ensuring that the way the reader navigates the document feels natural to them in their own 'locale' or region.
The file below is a sample of my work as an e-Learning designer
  • An animated tutorial designed to illustrate the use of a social-networking part of a hostelling website.  

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